DMD Groundworks has a wide range of experience within this area of our industry, this coupled with our up to date fleet of plant and equipment allows us to deliver a wide range of projects in an cost effective and efficient manner.

Examples of projects undertaken;

Waste Cell Preperation

Preparation of cell areas in respect of different types of lining e.g. clay liners, bitumen based liners, PVC geo-textiles. All medium of cell lining can be catered for. We can also undertake bulk excavations to profile and handle haulage on or off site.

Waste Cell Capping & Restoration

We can cater for all capping and restoration requirements once the waste cells are filled, all methods can be managed.


Bulk excavations can be undertaken for the purpose of formation, e.g. cut and fill for road form and landscaping.

Reservoirs, Lakes & Ponds

Undertaking of bulk excavations and haulage on or off site for the formation and landscaping of all types and sizes of lakes, ponds and reservoirs.

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